The temperature and humidity sensor is integrated in the fire suit

When firefighters perform high-intensity physical tasks in a fire field with high temperature and humidity, the waterproof and thermal insulation material characteristics of firefighting clothing will hinder the heat dissipation of the human body and generate a large amount of physiological heat, which will cause the firefighter’s external environment to become too high and weaken the body’s ability to maintain core temperature. Ability to allow firefighters to produce heat symptoms such as water and salt imbalance, weakness, and fainting.

Therefore, industry researchers proposed that by integrating the temperature and humidity sensor into the fire-fighting suit, the commander can monitor the temperature and humidity inside the fire-fighting suit in real time, and count the high-temperature working hours of firefighters. Then scientifically arrange the tasks of firefighters based on specific data to ensure that firefighters are more focused on completing rescue tasks and reduce the incidence of heat symptoms.

Some new firefighting suits have been equipped with remote controls to control the electronic equipment on firefighting suits, but traditional remotes are not easy to carry and use. Therefore, there has been an intelligent firefighting system that integrates Bluetooth remote control into gloves to control and monitor the temperature and humidity inside the fire suit Serving module.

Because temperature is an important criterion for clothing microclimate, SHT10 sensor has a non-linear error of about 0.5 ℃ at room temperature, and it is difficult to use mathematical formulas for error compensation. The sensor can be calibrated at 25-45 ℃ in a water bath thermostatic bath, and the function can be fitted by training the calibration data through the RBF neural network, so that the temperature data collected by the sensor can be further calibrated and displayed on the host computer.

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