Fire-fighting clothing can improve comfort and be used with cooling clothing

As the personal protective equipment for firefighters to deal with the fire scene, firefighting clothing has important practical significance in terms of ensuring thermal protection performance, reducing heat stress, and maintaining the life safety of firefighters. Analyze fire-fighting protective clothing from the configuration of fire-fighting clothing layers, thermal insulation materials, cooling devices, etc. to maintain a constant core temperature of the human body and improve cooling

The device will promote the development of firefighting clothing in the future.

Improve the wearing comfort of fire protection clothing

Different structures of fire protective clothing need to be selected from different forms of fire, so as to be able to adapt to the rescue of various large-scale fires in time. Ergonomic fire protection clothing can not only better protect the safety of firefighters during combat, but also improve work efficiency, wear comfortable and breathable, and prevent heat disease. This is important for paying attention to the future development of firefighters and firefighting clothing.

Matching use of fire protection clothing and cooling clothing

Working for a long time in different temperature and humidity environments, the heat is mainly based on radiation penetration. According to the different heat generated by the heating body and the difficulty of heat dissipation, different cooling clothing and fire protection clothing are selected for matching combination use. It can better reduce the physiological heat stress of firefighters.

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