Chemical protective clothing may not replace medical protective clothing

In the previous epidemic, there was a shortage of protective equipment for medical staff in many places. Many people can’t help but ask: The chemical protective clothing worn by the chemical defense forces looks very similar to the protective clothing worn by medical staff. Can chemical protective clothing be used instead of medical protective clothing?

Experts said that the common chemical protective clothing on TV usually refers to high-level isolation chemical protective clothing. Its outstanding features are airtight and moisture impermeable. The normal breathing of chemical protection personnel is maintained through air respirators to ensure The biochemical environment can completely isolate the whole person from the toxic and harmful substances from the outside world. There is no problem with the performance of replacing medical protective clothing with isolated chemical protective clothing, but its protection level is too high, so it is considered “excessive protection”.

The breathable chemical protective clothing with a slightly inferior protection level can block the small droplets and vapor of the toxic agent, making it impermeable to the protective clothing, but air and water vapor can penetrate, improving the wearing comfort. However, it is designed for the nuclear, biological and chemical environment, and whether it can isolate the new coronavirus is still lacking basis.

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